Quilled Earring Tutorial - Three Styles + One Bonus

Quilled Earring Tutorial – Three Styles + One Bonus

It has been a very long time since I final shared one in every of my quilled jewellery tutorials. I am making this up with three proper now – no, do this 4
– New kinds of reward gem paper earrings. The fantastic thing about this how-to is that every of the designs is kind of completely different from the others, but they’re all made with the identical two forms of fluff parts… drop ring coil and domed tight coil. Lets begin:

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materials for making feather jewelry displayed on wooden table

Quilling supplies (Left to Proper): ruler, Quilling strips, clay modeling software, lengthy tweezers,

glass head pin, tremendous positive slotted software, plastic cowl, element scissors, clear glue

Quilling paper
-I used silver-edged ivory and gold-edged blue strips (1/8″, 3mm) to make these three pairs of earrings. In the event you’re new to quilling and would moderately reduce your individual paper than ordering customized strips, select a light-weight utility knife, metal-edged ruler medium to medium weight paper and exact strips utilizing a reducing mat.

fingers holding blue feather earrings on wooden surface where additional feather earrings are placed

The earrings within the first picture are shiny gold on the entrance and are literally blue when considered from the perimeters and again… A pleasant shock, “Wait, your earrings are manufactured from metallic?” paper?”

Quilling paper notice: Feathered Creations And Quilling Supply
have fairly a couple of shiny metallic hemming strips and likewise coloured hemming paper that’s principally hue on hue… for instance, a vivid blue border on blue stripes or magenta on magenta. i used Touch of silver ivory strips
for 2 pairs that appear to be plain ivory within the pictures. The silver edging is thinner than the shiny metallic edging strips, however nonetheless stunning, particularly when seen in individual.

Quilling softwareslotted tool or needle tool and even like a tough wire cake tester out of your kitchen drawer

Quilling software notes: My favourite slotting software has a really skinny slot (vivid blue software as pictured). The center fold originating from its nest is barely noticeable. You’ll be able to learn extra in regards to the software and the way it saved my palms right here. obtainable by means of Etsy shop Quilling Maggie
It is based mostly in Japan, however transport is at the moment slower than normal as a result of Covid restrictions. Contact Maggie by way of the shop hyperlink or electronic mail her at: For extra particulars

Alternatively, Quilled Creations is a Savvy Slotted Tool this produces a curl as small as a Japanese precision instrument.

A needle tool it’s more durable to grasp, however has the benefit of not creating any heart folds.

Gum – I like Elmer’s Clear School Glue or Scotch Glue. Clear-drying white craft glue is one other widespread selection amongst skilled quilers.

Detail Scissors

long tweezers

clay modeling tool – making ring coils, positioning coils, making use of glue, and so on.

glass head pins For making use of glue and positioning the coils whereas the glue dries


non-stick floorUse it as a desk. Acrylic sheet, wax paper or Styrofoam tray are additionally appropriate.

Plastic or foil lid – use as glue palette

damp fabricsticky fingers and quilling do not combine

jewelry pliers flat nostril (2)

open jump ringsin mm dimensions; I used 4 and 6mm; silver tone, gold tone

Pierced ear wires

Clip Earring Findings


Be aware that the smallest pair of silver-rimmed ivory earrings makes use of two units of three teardrop ring coils, with a big domed tight ring positioned between the 2 units.

Pair of ivory paper quilled earrings with silver ear wires displayed on wooden table

The gold-rimmed blue design options 4 units of three teardrop-ring coils with three giant domed tight coils positioned within the heart.

Pair of gilded paper quilled earrings with gold earring clips displayed on wooden table

The biggest pair of silver rimmed ivory additionally has 4 units of three drop ring loops, however solely two of the massive domed tight coils are positioned along with eight small domed tight coils positioned within the heart and across the perimeter.

Pair of square ivory paper quilled earrings with silver ear wires displayed on wooden table


quilling strip wrapped around the handle of the metal tool and held in place with the index finger

1. Wrap a lint strip (roughly 4.5 inches) 5 occasions round a software deal with roughly 1/4 inch in diameter. I used the deal with of a clay modeling software.

2. Slide the coil by means of the software with out letting it come unfastened and pinch some extent to type a teardrop form.

3. Glue the strip at this level and reduce off the surplus paper.


For designs with tight coils with giant domes, use a 2 1/4-inch strip of lint to make every.

For tight-fitting coils with small domes, use a 1 3/8-inch curling strip for every.

1. Roll the strip all the way in which in in your quilling software.

2. With the coil nonetheless on the software, apply glue to the top of the strip, maintain the coil for a second till the glue units, after which slide it off the software.

thumb and forefinger of both hands hold ball-head pin set against a furry tight coil

3. Press right into a flat aspect of the coil with a glass-head pin and/or a smaller round-headed pin (pictured: that is the kind generally utilized by producers to bundle males’s shirts) to create a dome. Apply a small quantity of glue with a needle to the within of the dome to carry the domed form.

three pairs of quilling earrings displayed with quilling materials on a wooden surface

Meeting in progress – decrease left pair not but glued


My gluing methodology is easy… I pour a small puddle of glue onto the plastic or foil cap and use the tip of a glass-headed pin to use glue to the top of every coil.

Quilling requires a lot much less glue than you may count on. Attempt for precisely the correct amount; not an excessive amount of.

Lengthy tweezers and a clay modeling software are helpful when inserting and gluing parts to a non-stick work floor (I take advantage of an overturned Styrofoam tray).

quilling materials for making quilled earrings displayed in an overturned Styrofoam tray

1. Whereas engaged on a non-stick work floor, place and glue the parts collectively utilizing the tip of a clay modeling software or a glass-head pin. Use a small quantity of glue, however simply sufficient to carry the coils collectively securely. An excessive amount of glue shouldn’t be seen on the entrance or again of the earring.

2. Begin by gluing the teardrop rings collectively in items of three, then place one, two or three giant domed tight rings as central components, relying on the earring type you select to make. Complement the most important silver-rimmed ivory earrings by including tight rings with small domes across the perimeter as proven within the pictures.

3. Your earrings could also be smaller or bigger than mine relying in your strings and power, however to offer you an thought of ​​the completed sizes, the smallest silver edged ivory earring (findings not included) measures 1 1/8″ x 1/2″, The gold-rimmed blue earrings measure 1 1/4″ x 1 3/8″ and the most important silver-rimmed ivory earrings measure 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″.


In the event you discover a small hole between activates the finished coil, flip it over and apply a really small quantity of glue to the hole with the tip of a glass-headed pin. Then, clamp the coil on the glued space with tweezers for a minute or two whereas the glue units.

All the time conceal the glued finish of a domed tight coil in opposition to one other coil.

Use the tip of a clay modeling software to spherical off the corrugated software curl left behind in the midst of a domed tight coil.


When making feather earrings I often discover that no stabilizer is required as a result of they’re often very calmly dealt with and don’t get broken when worn. Additionally, many fixatives will probably scale back the metallic sheen. Nonetheless, if you happen to should use a fixative – for instance, if you happen to reside in a really humid local weather – brush a lightweight coat or two onto the floor. again earring. I used often Liquitex Matte Medium which works effectively.


Use jewelery pliers to twist the leap rings open and twist off. Open the 6mm leap ring and slide it into one of many finish teardrop ring coils. Shut it down. Then open the 4mm leap ring and slide it over the 6mm ring and likewise over the earwire or clip earring. Shut the leap ring.

Take pleasure in displaying your new earrings!


Pair of decorative gold-rimmed ivory feather earrings displayed on a wooden surface and a gold-rimmed quilling ribbon skein


This gold-rimmed ivory design consists of the identical teardrop-ring coils and domed tight coils as the opposite three patterns, however has fairly a distinct look. That is executed by gluing a trio of teardrop coils with the ends going through outward as a substitute of heart. Additionally, as a substitute of a trio surrounding tight rings with a central dome, solely two drop rings are positioned on both sides. This type of earring is the longest of the 4, measuring 1″ x 1 1/2″.

two different feathered earrings on wooden surface with clay modeling tool

Simply one of many many surprises I like about quilling is that there are nearly countless methods to rearrange coils, all of which end in stunning designs. Have enjoyable discovering yours… I am certain you’ll be able to!

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